Anti-Feminist Attorney Suspected Of Shooting Federal Judge’s Son, Husband

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Roy Den Hollander reportedly was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound on Monday in New York.

An anti-feminist and Men’s rights lawyer found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound is suspected in the shooting of a federal judge’s family in New Jersey, The Associated Press reported on Monday.

  • Two officials with knowledge of the investigation told the AP that Roy Den Hollander, a lawyer “who received media attention including appearances on Fox News and Comedy Central for lawsuits challenging perceived infringements of ‘men’s rights,’” was found dead in New York on Monday.
  • On Sunday, a gunman posing as a FedEx delivery person opened fire at U.S. District Judge Esther Salas’ home, killing her son and wounding her husband. The AP reported that the judge was home but in a different part of the house and was not harmed.
  • Salas reportedly was hearing a gender-equality lawsuit filed by Den Hollander in 2015 “involving a young woman who wanted to register for the military draft.”
  • Per the report, the lawyer “also mentioned the judge in writings posted online, deriding her as a ladder climber who traded on her Hispanic heritage to get ahead.”
  • The officials told the AP that a package addressed to Salas was found with Den Hollander’s body.
  • Den Hollander reportedly also posted a screed online that discussed posing as a FedEx delivery person to speak with a young girl.

The AP report noted that Den Hollander gained some notoriety over the years “for unsuccessful lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of ‘ladies night’ promotions at bars and nightclubs.”

During a Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto in 2008, Den Hollander said he considers women “a suspect class.”

Media Matters reported on the interview at the time:

"[C]ut out the feminazi, feminist women's studies programs and bring back varsity sports, and you're going to do a lot better for the university." Den Hollander later said that women “are a suspect class. Every time they open their mouths, I begin to suspect something.”

Media Matters’ Matthew Gertz also posted a video from 2010 to Twitter on Monday in which Den Hollander ranted about how “Ladies Night is violating a fundamental right” of men by "charging guys more money," and saying it is “my freedom of speech” to refer to women as “girls.”

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I don't believe one bit of this story. We as a people are waking up and asking questions as we should have been doing all along. This is being wrapped up and disposed off all nice and neat like with a pretty bow on top. It doesn't pass the smell test to me.

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