Anonymous Author: Trump Aides Drop Fake Info In Meetings To “Root Out” Leakers

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour/Public Domain


White House aides have included false information in meetings in hopes of rooting out leakers, according to "A Warning."

President Donald Trump’s aides have attempted to determine the identity of White House leakers by working false information into meetings in hopes of discovering where that information ends up, according to an anonymous administration official’s new book.

Newsweek reported that A Warning, written by an anonymous senior official within the Trump administration, claims that concerns over disloyalty to the president became so commonplace that “many meetings are described as being for ‘politicals only,’ to the exclusion of anyone other than presidential appointees.”

Other meetings are held in the Situation Room in an effort to keep discussions secret from those outside the president’s inner circle, the book says — even if those conversations do not include classified information.

"The president is alert to this as well, as he is wary when he sees faces he doesn't recognize. If ever experts from within the administration's bureaucracy are brought into sensitive White House discussions, they must be the 'trusted' ones," the anonymous author writes.

"Skepticism about career staff is so intense that sometimes Trump aides deliberately disclose false information in meetings to see if it ends up in the press so they can root out suspected traitors. (The people who do this are the ones you'd expect, and I've seen them hypocritically leak to the press to promote themselves, despite running their own anti-leak operations.)”

The result, according to the author, is that the pool of knowledgeable officials from whom Trump could seek counsel is greatly diminished: "What this means is that Trump is limiting information he hears from within his own government to more inexperienced political types who tend to agree with him in the first place and who he perceives are personally loyal.”

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