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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has stated that, unless lawmakers do something in response to the huge number of jobs lost to major advances in technology, America will experience “mass riots and violence, British newspaper the Daily Telegraph reports.

The former technology entrepreneur expressed concern for “catastrophic” turmoil from workers who have been and will continue to become obsolete by new machines and software.

To combat the inevitable future of mass-scale automation, Yang described his flagship policy of universal basic income: a $1,000 monthly stipend to every adult American that will also help combat the U.S.’s surging suicide and drug overdose rates.

He described himself as the only blue candidate that is willing to combat the issues that were responsible for Donald Trump’s election.

“In the first industrial revolution there were mass riots that killed hundreds of people and caused the equivalent of billions of dollars’ worth of economic harm,” Yang said.

“Most expects predict that this industrial revolution will be two to three times faster and more disruptive than that one. So if that one included mass riots and violence, there’s no reason to expect this one would not either.” He suggested that thousands of former military truckers, “many of [whom] own guns”, could block roads across the country in protest against driverless trucks, a situation that could potentially turn violent.

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