President Donald Trump 2018 budget disproportionately harms rural and poor Americans, the types of voters who supported him the most in 2016.

Mr. Trump’s budget proposal would cut Medicaid by $800 billion over ten years. The President campaigned that he was the only Republican candidate to not support cuts to Medicaid.

The budget also decimates social security disability, something that many of his constituents rely on for survival.

The Trump budget targets its tax cuts to those Americans in the top 20% of the country’s income distribution. It will remove $6.2 trillion of funding from the federal treasury over the next ten years.

“The irony of the Trump budget is that it hurts many of the people who supported him most,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, the top Senate Democrat told USA Today. Mr. Schumer called the budget “a comic book-villain-bad budget.”

The biggest winners in Trump’s budget? The well-off and the military.

Who stands to lose the most? Nearly everyone else.

Trump’s budget targets subsidized student loans for students, money to help defray heating costs in harsh winters.

Appalachia, the locus of Mr. Trump’s 2016 support that helped put him in the White House will see massive cuts to infrastructure spending and will eliminate the rural Economic Development Program, a government program that supports the agricultural industry.