Analysis: The World Is Less Free Today Than It Was Just A Decade Ago


The general trend shows that internet and press freedom are being more restricted globally, a trend likely to continue.

Freedom throughout the world has declined every year since Freedom House first warned of the emerging trend a decade ago, according to Axios

Freedom House created an index which ranged from 0 (least free) to 100 (most free).

Although improvements can be exemplified by the Ivory Coast (now “partly free”), Senegal (now “free), and Tunisia (changing from “not free” to “free”), the general trend suggests that internet freedom and press freedom are under threat. 

The general trend suggests that internet freedom is in decline globally as governments are increasingly using social media to monitor their citizens and spread false information. Countries such as India, Iran, and Zimbabwe closed off the internet to their citizens to combat this years’ protests. 

Countries including Indonesia, Hungary, and Mali were considered “free” in 2009, but are now listed as “partly free,” while Nicaragua, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela have shifted into the ranks of the “not free.”

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