Analysis: Far From Helping Trump, Giuliani Is Making Impeachment More Likely


Rudy Giuliani’s public theatrics have undermined whatever defenses he sought to muster for his client, Donald J. Trump.

Rudolph W. Giuliani’s continued efforts to collect information in Ukraine and his willingness to share whatever information is presented to him seem to damage President Trump more than his political rival, according to The Washington Post

Most of the conspiracies that Giuliani has pushed center on testimonies from a handful of conflicted witnesses such as Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s prosecutor general until early 2016, who alleges that he was forced out under pressure from Joe Biden, whose son served on the board of a Ukrainian company called Burisma Holdings.

A number of individuals have denied that Burisma was under investigation in the way Shokin claims. Adam Entous reported in the New Yorker that Shokin in fact failed to prosecute corruption and was consequently forced out.

Trump’s personal lawyer seems to have an unwavering willingness to share any information given to him, regardless of the credibility of the source or the information itself.

Entous recalls a call he shared with Giuliani last month: “Giuliani described some tips he was hearing from his sources in Ukraine, including allegations that a Ukrainian oligarch had made illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton totaling forty million dollars, ‘that Biden helped to facilitate,’” Entous writes. “In addition, he said, ‘I was told Biden had participated in the hacking’ -- a reference to the penetration of Democratic National Committee computer servers in 2016, which U.S. intelligence agencies have attributed to Russia’s military intelligence agency.”

“They may be true, they may be false,” Giuliani smugly said. 

And it’s evident that Trump is continuing to support Giuliani. On Dec. 7, Trump spoke to reporters outside the White House about Giuliani’s research. 

“I just know he came back from someplace, and he’s going to make a report, I think to the attorney general and to Congress,” Trump said. “He says he has a lot of good information. I have not spoken to him about that information.”

Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland testified during an open hearing as a part of the House impeachment inquiry that Trump and Giuliani’s goal was to announce an investigation, and that the cloud that would hang over Biden would provide political benefit, regardless of the outcome.

Yet, because of Giuliani’s collected “evidence,” the cloud is now hanging over a different target: Trump.

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