Automation will soon plague the world. Next America presidential election will be a debating ground for this issue.

Just a decade ago, Asians loved America.Even now most Asians, who do not follow the downward sliding conditions in America, still look up to Americans.

But in the coming 2020 American presidential election, the world will sure to be exposed to the worst of the new America, which President Trump ironically has trumpeted as the “America First”, but trashed it in the last election as the number one war criminal in the world in order to get elected.

It would be exactly for the purpose of defeating Trump that his democratic opponents will expose his big lie that America is still ok.

The election campaigns will be a fierce blame game.Just as Trump has blame America’s foul ups abroad, the Democrats will sure to clamp down on the internal sabotage by Trump and the very Americanism itself.

One Democrats’ arguing point is sure to stick.That’s the unsolvable problem of damages done to the employment situation by automation.It’s a worldwide problem, but Americanism will be singled out as the culprit that has led the world down a disastrous road of no-return.

Actually same kind of apocalypses happened, at least twice, in the past.First, the European plague.And second, the America Great Depression.

In the European plague from the 14th century, because of religious superstition, it was not cured for four centuries, until the founding of America and Australia that led to its eventual dispersion and disappearance, and then sealed with new modern medicine.

But from a historical hindsight, if only the Europeans had abandoned Christianity and adopt the Asian herb medicine cure the plague would be controlled quickly and its devastating toll on European and American civilization could be avoided.

This toll of four centuries of plague turned the humans into savages and led to the non-stop warring state that has ravaged the world ever since.

In the America’s Great Depression, capitalism’s excess led to an overproduction that consumption simply could not catch up with.In such a period of abundance, driven by greed, the capitalists try to further enlarge their windfall profits by consuming it exhaustively in WWI and WWII, instead of distributing the fruit of automation and mass production to the negatively impacted mass.

The above lessons of history tell us that it were things like superstition and greed, not the natural progression of evolution, which were the real causes of the crises.

And have we heeded these lessons?

No, we doubled down on them!

Now we are even more persistent in letting our past bad habit to prevent us from solving the new crisis we are facing – automation.

The habit is Americanism and the crisis will be WWIII.

It’s natural to expect that Americanism will be here in America to stay.But it does not have to stay also in Asia!

Asia used to have nothing but good habits, thus making it the most advanced and noble country in the world.However, ever since Karl Marx, in justifying his opium cousins’ Opium Wars on China, declared to the world that the Big Brother in Asia, China, to be “backward and corrupt”.These shrewd Jews then hired the British Navy to make sure that opium did indeed make China “backward and corrupt”.

Marx’s self-fulfilling lies ushered all the Asian low life varmints out of the woodwork and they helped shovel all the Western bad habits, or barbarism, down Asians’ throats.

Asia put up a fight but it was nearly suicidal.However, two root Asian habits, at the end, were able to pull Asia out from one century of living hell, a creation of the Westerners and its Asian barbarian wannabes.The habits were cultural unification and peasant liberation.And the saviors were Mao Zedong and Japan.

Today, Asia is still basically dominated and partially occupied by America.Needless to say Americanism is entrenched here, along with the automation threat, as a potent trigger to WWIII.

In Asia’s own big bag of goodies, which we could call it collectively as the Confucius feudal system, we do have ways to solve the automation problem.

On the broad bottom of the Asian society, we have the beggar’s guild.It nicely redistributes the wealth of the rich people, while magically retains the prides of the beggars.

And at the top echelon of Asian society are the miracle-creating large families that lasted from time immemorial, whose productivity includes priceless secret treasures, in handcrafts, and thousands of years of cumulated knowledges and skills, that have been handed down from one generation to another by way of a meticulously designed breeding program that go back to the time the very notion of family was adopted.

Asians could just sit on their hands and live on these treasures forever without ever having to worry about any stupid economic indicators.

So, now you have it.The solution to automation, and any of the modern woes, can be solved by reinstating Asian habits after first removing Americanism out of Asia.

What I have just said may be too abstract for non-Asians and might even be received by Americans as, what they have been waiting all this time, a declaration of war.

So let me give some real examples of how I applied some of the Asian habits in my own life here in America, without even conscientious that it’s a trick that my Asian DNA has been playing on me.

I come from one of the largest merchant families in China, the 17th House of Zheng in Ningbo.They were quite an innovative lot.They excel in banking and communication.They were among the very first ones to use accounting and credits in banking and ice-packed commuting of degradable foods.So, I also become one of the foremost pioneers in computing and communication in America.

My first job was at Oakridge National Laboratories.While everybody was still using IBM cards, I was the first on in the whole laboratories to get me a graphic Tektronix terminal in my office.I used it to draw 3-D graphics in seconds that normally took couple days turn around by a draftsman.

My assistant was Jim Drischler, who was really a janitor for having only a high school diploma.I let him do all the plotting and he only needed to use the lunch hours to punch a few buttons to finish a day’s work. He, thus, become the first person in the laboratory drastically impacted by automation.

So, what did he do with the extra time the automation afforded him?He simply used the rest of the day designing his new house and its ever expanding annexes that his growing family needed.

Here we have solved the automation problem by keeping the fruits of automation to whoever getting impacted.This example provides us the guideline to deal with negative impact of automation.

Namely,the fruits of automation must stay in the hands of the public, not the private entrepreneurs.

In my whole career, I benefitted exceptionally well financially from automation.I fell so blessed that I decided to give something back to the society.

I went to teach software automation in my alma mater, University of California, Berkeley.I trained the school’s best nuclear engineering students in a computer workshop I developed there.

The graduates of the workshop later joined me in a startup, Energy Engineering Computer Laboratory (EECCL), and we joint adventured with the Boeing Computer Services to offer a NUCLIB(nuclear library) package to the world’s nuclear power industry from the Boeing’s supercomputer Cray.

Each of my staff could support 40 of the best engineers from the best companies in America and Asia, such as General Electric, Bechtel, Livermore Lab, Fujitsu of Japan and Institute of Nuclear Energy Research of Taiwan.

And from a research report by the Pacific Bell, I learned that in a typical high-tech company, each top engineer incidentally could also support 40 of the rest of the low-level engineers.So this essentially makes my engineers each capable of supporting 40 x 40 = 1600 engineers.

In another words, being in our field of software automation, my engineers each possesses the productivity of 1600 engineers, as the additional contribution by the 1600 engineers would be just the pressing of a few more keys on the key board explicitly instructed by us.

In my own case particularly, even though I was the one supporting the rest of my stuff and some outside engineers, the speed of my private activities on the CRAY was at least 1000 times faster than that of a manual-labor engineer.

If someday everyone could do that, what do we do with the remaining 999 persons?

As early as 1984, I saw the automation crisis coming.So I quit expanding my technology and started full-time teaching my daughter Taichi Tennis, the best tennis style for woman, later used by Monica Seles to dominate woman tennis until they put a knife in her back.Well, that’s another story.

But I should still sneak in a small detail in my story -- that is the revenue from NUCLIB project with Boeing automatically kept on come in in the mails until 1990 when I was too busy with tennis to renew our contract.

Actually, things were not that simple.And the “small detail” was really the turning point in my life.

Boeing made an offer to increase the annual payment to EECCL from $300,000 to $500,000.And I could not accept it because the 1989 Oakland Firestorm has just destroyed my home, along with much of my proprietary intellectual properties, including my client bases and ROBACUS extension to a fully automated self-healing version, covering not only nuclear, but all subjects of computing that humanity needs.

But most of all, my mind was on the pingpong kungfu, which must be done before the onslaught of automation.And on top of all I mentioned above, and much more, my older brother, who was assisting the then head of China, Zhao Ziyang in Shanghai to start the China Rise, sent me a plane ticket to Shanghai.

I went to the airport but missed the plane by the one hour I didn’t switch forward for daylight saving.United Airline dispatched another plane for me to take just in time for me to catch up with my own plane in Tokyo. I wound up helped China eventually build the world’s fastest computer, the mother of China’s catching-up program to America in technology and weapons…

Ok, so this is not just another story, but a new book.Let me just make a promise here that when I know the ending of this book, I will start write it.

Anyway, right now here, the lesson is: Humanity needs to develop some preoccupation first, other than just job, job, job, before starting the automation revolution. I have made an example of myself to do just that.

However, not everybody can afford to play tennis, but everybody can afford to play my newly invented Pongfu, the pingpong kungfu.I am now developing Pongfu as a required curriculum in schools so that all future “educated” persons would have something to do if they ever get displaced by automation or replaced by a robot .

This is only half the solution.The other half is how to let the human victims retain the fruits of whatever automated them out of their jobs.

This brings us back to my old friend – the software package that automated the application of NUCLIB.It’s named ROBACUS, for robotic abacus.The “abacus” part makes it Asian.

For more than 30 years, I have kept ROBACUS in its free and operational mode.Currently, it interfaces the user to the computer using the Linux Mageia distribution, which is the only distribution that’s not ruined, like the rest of the Linux distributions, as a viable open-source operating system for making a workstation out of a PC.

My article on “THE RELIEF VALVE” describes how ROBACUS can be used as the engine in the Universal Centralized Processor to help the general public to seize back the rights to the fruits of automation even in a capitalistic society.

In the same article I also described how Asia, with the help of ROBACUS, can buy out America military bases and make them leave Asia.And here, I should simply reiterate:

The woe of automation is a product of Americanism.Removing America from Asia will show the world how we could cure it, maybe also avoid WWIII.