An American President Is The Nation’s Leading Conspiracy Theorist

The President of the United States also happens to be a leading purveyor of conspiracy theories.

Climate change, the Russia investigation, President Barack Obama, the death toll from Hurricane Maria — what do these seemingly unrelated subjects have in common?

President Donald Trump, currently America’s leading conspiracy theorist, has at some point called each of them a “hoax” — and these aren’t the only ones.

Esquire highlighted several conspiracy theories Trump has promulgated, both prior to his presidential run and as he tweets from the Oval Office.

Climate Change:

> Before he had the Mueller investigation and allegations of Russian interference to worry about, global warming was Trump's favourite hobby-hoax. Most famously, he called it a hoax perpetrated by China to undermine America's economic competitiveness, but he was also moved to tweet that it was a massive lie when he realised that December and January were very, very cold.

The Unemployment Rate:

> Before the 2016 election, Trump had a swing at the Labor Department, calling its estimates of the number of people in work a "hoax" in a speech. It's not really clear what he meant by that, though he did suggest that the real unemployment rate was as high as 42 percent while on his campaign trail. As unemployment rates during the Great Depression topped out at about 25 percent, that was a bit of a stretch.

Barack Obama:

Despite Clint Eastwood's assertion, Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States and continues to exist to this day.

Hurricane Maria Death Toll:

Trump refused to accept the increased death toll after studies revealed the lives lost totaled in the thousands, opting instead to call it a conspiracy by Democrats to make him look bad.

> Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and Dominica in September last year, and according to a report commissioned by the governor of Puerto Rico, killed roughly 2,975 peopleboth directly and in the months which followed. A separate study put the 'excess death' rate as high as 4,645. Trump disagreed with these know-nothing eggheads, and suggested that the rising death toll was part of another devilish conspiracy.

James Gandolfini and ObamaCare:

> Imagine Trump staring at a Trump Tower office wall covered in bits of red string connecting Sopranos characters to the West Wing. Be careful, Mister.

And of course, the entire Russia investigation.

Trump even went so far as to say that Christine Blasey Ford — the woman who came forward with sexual assault accusations against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and a woman Trump previously called credible — was part of a “hoax set up by the Democrats”.