According to The Washington Post, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett served as a ‘handmaid’ in the People of Praise, a small Christian group with ultra conservative beliefs surrounding gender roles.

A 2010 People of Praise directory states that she held the title of “handmaid,” a leadership position for women in the community, according to a directory excerpt obtained by The Washington Post.

  • Former People of Praise members told The Post that “handmaids, now known as ‘women leaders,’ give advice to other women on issues such as child rearing and marriage.”

Also, while in law school, Barrett lived at the South Bend home of People of Praise’s influential co-founder Kevin Ranaghan and his wife, Dorothy, who together helped establish the group’s male-dominated hierarchy and view of gender roles.

  • One former People of Praise member told The Post: “Women were homemakers; they were there to support their husbands. My dad was the head of the household and the decision-maker.”
  • Another person raised in the People of Praise community said elders instructed her not to “emasculate” male peers by outwitting them in conversation.
  • People of Praise spokesperson Sean Connolly denied such accounts and “said that telling girls not to seem smarter than boys does not align with People of Praise teachings,” per The Post.

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