Americans Describe Trump As "Incompetent", "Racist", "Antichrist"

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The most-used word used to describe Trump was "incompetent," but "liar," "buffoon," and "Putinesque" also made the list.

The latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with a double-digit lead over President Donald Trump among likely voters, with Biden leading 54 percent to 43 percent.

But perhaps more interesting are the answers to an open-ended question, in which respondents were asked to describe each presidential candidate in one word.

  • According to NPR, the most-used word American chose in describing Trump was “incompetent,” followed by "liar," "failure," "bad," "horrible," "disaster," "arrogant" and "buffoon."
  • Also making the negative list were “buffoon,” “arrogant,” “racist,” “ass,” and “Putinesque.”
  • The most-used positive descriptors were “good,” “great,” “strong,” and “successful” — though none of these overtook “incompetent.”
  • The most-used word Americans used to describe Biden was “honest,” followed by "confident," "hopeful," "good," "trustworthy" and "compassionate."
  • On the negative side, voters described the Democrat as "old," "confused," "incompetent," "senile" and "weak."

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If he were the Antichrist he wouldn't be so stupid. He'd be fiendishly clever. Have a silver tounge in demogogery. Be able to convince you that black was white and always has been.

mojo and me
mojo and me

to his supporters, he already does all these things and they believe everything. He's not stupid, he knows what his supporters want to hear so he tells them exactly that. His only problem is that there aren't very many people that are that stupid.


Joe Biden is a serial liar, and now with the help of Hunter's hard drive, we can see that he's a mob boss as well. The deep state has cleared him of wrongdoing in Ukraine, but the American people can see his CFR luncheon confession and come to the conclusion that he's being protected. That video is the smoking gun of smoking guns.

He was clearly implicated in the Obamagate scandal, and Sydney Powell now has evidence that Obama was clearly implicated in the Obamagate scandal.

Have you ever wondered why Biden events look like a library book signing by an unknown author, while Trump events look like a rock concert with people standing in the parking lot and lined down streets in every direction?

Your little toy poll is a lot of things, but it isn't very intellectual.

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