Americans Are More Excited To Vote Today Than At Any Time In The Past 16 Years


One way or another, Trump has lit a fire under many Americans, as they are very enthusiastic about voting in 2020.

CNN has been polling Americans to gauge their enthusiasm for participating in elections since 2003, and the latest poll results show that today, more registered voters are excited to cast their ballots for president than at any time since the polling began.

The poll also found that health care continues to be a top priority for American voters, particularly among Democrats and those who lean left. Eighty-nine percent of this group said health care was an extremely or very important issue in the upcoming election.

For Republicans and those leaning right, the top issue was the economy, with 92 percent of respondents saying it was extremely or very important.

Overall, 87 percent of registered voters said the economy was extremely or very important to their vote, while 82 percent said the same of health care.

See more poll results here.


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