American Taxpayers Have Spent At Least $102M For Trump To Play Golf

Photo courtesy of the White House / Flickr / Public Domain


Donald Trump has spent close to $102 million of tax money on golf trips during his presidency, close to 225 times his presidential salary and three times more than the government has spent on the Mueller investigation, according to the Huffington Post.

The president will log another seven-figure trip to Ireland, where he will meet Minister Leo Varadkar 30 miles away from Trump’s golf resort in the western part of that country. According to an investigation by the Huffington Post, the main purpose of the trip is playing golf, “though an official purpose was layered on after the fact.”

Taxpayers have spent $80 million on the president’s 24 trips to his Florida resort, $17 million on his trips to New Jersey, and more than $3 million for his two-day visit to Scotland last year.

A large portion of this money is spent on fuel for the president’s primary Air Force One, and for the C-17 cargo planes needed to transport his motorcade’s vehicles.

A substantial part of the money, however, is spent on golf courses and other businesses owned by the Trump organization, which suggest the president may be taking advantage of his office to pump revenue into his family’s company.

“His top priority with these trips is not the business of the American people, it’s the business of the Trump Organization,” said Jordan Liebowitz of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, quoted by the Huffington Post.

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Most golfers hit the ball from where it lies, but Trump hits his balls from where he lies.


Funny the lame stream media never reported the costs of Obama's Date Nights, $1 1/2 Billion trip to India, Hawaiin vacations with hundreds on the public dole, South American trip where 20 plus Secret Service agents charging prostitutes, alcohol and lavish accommodations to their expense accounts and a general pattern of abuse, corruption and theft to the highest levels of the Regime. Nancy Pelosi's liquor bill on constant private bicoastal flights alone was $17 million in 09. That's the liquor bill alone. Not including the cost of leasing and operating the jet aircraft for her extravagant.

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