American Nightmare: Neo-Nazi Teen Kills Girlfriend’s Parents

Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, and Scott Fricker, 48BUCKLEY KUHN FRICKER/FACEBOOK

The 17-year-old had mowed a 40-foot swastika in the grass of a community field two months before the murders.

A Virginia couple killed three days before Christmas were concerned about their daughter's relationship with a teenage boy they suspected harbored neo-Nazi beliefs.

As reported by New York Daily News, Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, were murdered on December 22 when their daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend gunned them down in their home. Though police have not yet released a motive, family members indicated that the daughter had decided to break off the relationship prior to the shooting.

Others in the neighborhood were also aware of the teens beliefs. Approximately two months before the shooting, residents discovered that he had moved a 40-foot swastika in the grass of a community field and decided to confront his parents.

The parents indicated they knew about the neo-Nazi tendencies of their son and that they were taking him for treatment of his behavioral issues.

But the Frickers grew increasingly worried over their 16-year-old daughter’s relationship with the boy and approached school officials about his apparent neo-Nazi beliefs. The girl eventually agreed with her parents that ending the romance would be for the best, her grandmother, Janet Kuhn, told the Washington Post. Many who knew the family suspect it’s what prompted last week’s deadly shooting.

The shooter, who turned the gun on himself after the murders, survived and is currently hospitalized in critical condition.