America’s Global Image Plunges To Historic Lows Since Trump Took Office

Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube

America's global image has taken a dive to historic lows since Donald Trump became president.

Recent polling reveals that America’s global image has plummeted to historic lows since Donald Trump became president, with just three out of 25 countries showing an increase in positive attitudes toward the U.S.

From The Guardian:

> In the Pew Research Center poll, respondents generally had less confidence in Trump’s ability to lead than they did in Vladimir Putin’s and Xi Jinping’s.


> A year after confidence in the US collapsed during the real estate tycoon’s first year in power, favourable views of the country remained low in 2018, especially among the US’s closest allies.



> In most countries, a majority said they had no confidence in Trump. Only 7% of Spanish people, 9% of French people and 10% of Germans said they trusted Trump’s leadership. Even in Russia, where the US’s image has grown more positive under the current administration, Trump’s had fallen by 34 percentage points since last year.

One notable exception on this measure, however, was South Korea, which — in light of Trump’s peace-making efforts with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — increased by 27 points, raising the president’s rating to 44 percent.

> At the UN general assembly in New York last week, Trump’s speech to world leaders was met with laughter when he claimed to have achieved more in his two years in the White House than almost any US president.


> The Pew survey was conducted between May and August and based on more than 26,000 interviews.

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