America Is Being Held Hostage By A Malignant Narcissist With Nuclear Weapons

President Donald TrumpScreengrab / C-Span / Youtube

William James

The President of the United States is an evil man who does not care about Americans or the nation's national security.

The United States is presently being held hostage by a malignant narcissist with access to nuclear weapons.

Who is this man? It is Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

Trump, who is clearly unfit for office, lacks any sense of shame. If he had any sense of shame, then a man with his record would have disappeared into obscurity long ago.

What makes Trump's shamelessness more dangerous is the fact that an entire political apparatus, the Republican Party, defends his behavior, not because they necessarily like him (they don't) but because they think they can manipulate him to fulfill their policy objectives, which are mainly centered around giving the extremely wealthy tax cuts and reducing the rights of women and minorities.

Where does this lead us?

Trump will not leave office unless he is forced out, however he won't be forced out because Republicans still believe that he is useful to them in 2020. Unwilling to learn from the Faustian bargain they made with him in 2016, Republicans seem willing to allow the country to disintegrate in order to eek out a victory in 2020.

So where does this leave us? It means that, unless Republicans grow a spine, the nation is going to be held hostage by Trump, a man without a moral compass, who is also dangerously unstable, until at least 2021,

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Is it more disconcerting that powerful Republicans are willing to ignore all of this for their personal gain or that nearly half of registered voters are blind/ignorant/gullible enough to cast their vote for a person with such reprehensible character flaws and obviously deteriorating mental capacities?


Trump shoot Biden foot because he was stepping over him. Now both out of the race. LOL... and they say we are not evil creatures and there will be no nuclear war. LOL... As per looks the stones from outer space will arrive after most of us painted at the walls laughing. LOL...


US Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is so confident in his support base that he said he could stand on New York’s Fifth Avenue “and shoot somebody” and still not lose voters. Well he was referring to Jeffrey Epstein the owner of a multimillion townhouse between Fifth and Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York. TRUMP, ORIP, Police and near half the USA are premeditated evil assasins of childrens, womens and minorities! Soon all will be over! LOL...

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