Alex Jones claims Jews dressed at White Supremacist are to blame for the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend according to Newsweek Magazine.

“Jones claimed, “leftist Jews” has dressed up as white supremacists to create clashes and discredit the rally.
“I mean, quite frankly, I’ve been to these events, a lot of the KKK guys with their hats off look like they’re from the cast of Seinfeld,” Trump supporter Jones said on The Alex Jones Show on Sunday.
“Literally they’re just Jewish actors. Nothing against Jews in general, but they are leftists Jews that want to create this clash and they go dress up as Nazis,” he added.
Jones also showed footage from 18 years ago of him protesting the KKK, whom he claimed later turned out to be federal agents.
“I have footage in Austin, we’re going to find it somewhere here at the office, where it literally looks like cast of Seinfeld or like Howard Stern in a Nazi outfit,” Jones said.
“They all look like Howard Stern. They almost got like little curly hair down, and they’re just up there heiling Hitler. You can tell they are totally uncomfortable, they are totally scared, and it’s all just meant to create the clash,” he added.”