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According to Alabama television station WKRG, a former youth minister has been indicted and arrested for six counts of child sexual abuse, four counts of sodomy, and one count of child enticement.

27-year-old Dalton Tate of Millry, Alabama, is now free on 100 thousand dollars bond.

"Makes you want to lock your kids up and throw the key and not let them come out of the house," one woman told the television station.

In the small, closely knit town, everyone interviewed by WKRG declined to appear on camera. "I heard about it this morning and saw his picture. He looks like a clean cut guy but you never know what goes on behind closed doors."

Officials say that Tate has ties to nearly a dozen different churches. The victim of the abuse was a young boy at the time that they were committed and is now an adult.

Tate, a married father of two, has yet to respond to requests for comment.

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