AL Rep. Dismukes Won’t Resign From State Legislature Because He’s A Man Of God

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Rep. Dismukes, recently charged with theft, will not be resigning from AL state legislature.

Republican State Representative Will Dismukes was recently charged with theft after allegedly stealing at least $2,500 from his former employer, but he will not be resigning from the state legislature.

  • This former pastor resigned from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church after delivering an invocation at a birthday celebration for Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.
  • Trey Norman, Dismukes’ attorney, said the lawmaker has no intentions to resign because “Will is young and is learning some hard lessons. But he’s a very convicted man. He’s very convicted in his faith and he’s very convicted in his character.”
  • Dismuke will not step down from his position “that he was elected to...just because someone has pointed the finger…”
  • If Dismuke is a convicted felon, he will be forced to resign, but if he is found innocent, this KKK-supporting lawmaker will remain in charge of decisions affecting all of Alabama. 
  • Friendly Atheist argues that if Dismukes were a Democrat, person of color, or non-Christian, there would have been significantly more pressure to resign.

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