AG Barr: We Have To Stop Policies That Undermine Religion In The Public Square

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Attorney General William Barr suggested that religion is necessary for empowering young people for success.

During a roundtable discussion with President Trump, Attorney General Bill Barr said religion is necessary for young people to seize opportunity.

Attorney General William Barr said during a roundtable discussion with President Trump on Thursday that religion is a key tool in teaching young people the “moral discipline” necessary to seize opportunity.

  • Barr said Trump “is moving forward on the critical elements necessary to provide and ensure” opportunity for the nation’s youth.

  • He said economic growth is the first element, because without it “there is no opportunity.”

  • Second, Barr said, is education, adding that “only by empowering parents and giving them the power to choose the education for their children” will young people be able to seize opportunity.

  • Lastly, Barr pointed to the “moral discipline” necessary for success, saying: “Our young people, they have to have the discipline to seize the opportunity, to make momentary sacrifices for later gain.”

  • The attorney general added that “traditionally, [moral discipline] has come from religion, which our founders believed was the foundation of our Republic," though he conceded that it could come from other sources.

Barr concluded: “We have to stop policies that undermine religion or relegate religion out of the public square.”


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The policy that most undermines religion is the tendancy for people to use it to justify their ignorant bigotry!!! Our country and it's citizens should be governed by the Constitution and our laws!!! Anything that denies Americans full and equal rights is wrong!!! As for religion teaching young people morals??? Trump, white nationalists, mass shooters, etc didn't seem to learn any morals!!! Maybe they're forgotten in old age???


have you even read the Constitution?


That is utter bullshit when seen from Canada. Your Religious nuts have to give this shit a rest! No one "needs" religion. Not one of them. Unless you're talking about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (COTFSM). Read our Gospel and the 8 "I'd rather you didn'ts", or read more here: STFU.


For one thing, there is a definite Constitutional separation of Church and State. Religion is like sex and should be practiced in privacy or Church..

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