AG Barr Deploying Federal Prison Riot Teams In D.C. And Miami Amid Protests


Attorney General William Barr is sending specialized federal agents to U.S. cities in response to ongoing protests.

Attorney General William Barr reportedly is deploying specialized teams of federal agents to Washington, D.C., and Miami, Florida, to help control protests, including riot teams from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

  • NPR reported that the riot teams will assist local authorities in both cities as protests move into a second week, after George Floyd was killed while in police custody on May 25.

  • Barr also “sent an FBI hostage rescue team to help authorities Sunday in Washington with demonstrations.”

  • A senior Justice Department official said the federal law enforcement presence will be "maximized" in the nation’s capital on Monday evening.

  • NPR also reported that the “FBI is setting up command posts in cities across the country.”

  • Barr has called the public outrage over Floyd’s death "real and legitimate" but insists the criminal justice system is where those responsible will be held to account.

  • Both Barr and President Donald Trump have asserted without evidence that violence and destruction occurring in numerous U.S. cities are being incited by members of antifa.

  • Trump said on Sunday that he is considering labeling antifa a “terrorist organization,” though NPR noted that “experts said there is no legal authority that allows a domestic entity” to be labeled this way.

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