AG Barr Calls Russia Probe One Of The “Greatest Travesties” Of American History


Attorney General William Barr told Fox News that the Russia investigation was launched "without any basis."

Attorney General William Barr said during a recent Fox News interview that the FBI investigation into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign was “one of the greatest travesties in American history,” according to The Washington Post.

Speaking with host Laura Ingraham, a clip from the interview reveals Barr saying that he believes the probe was launched “without any basis,” which contradicts the finding of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Horowitz indicated in a report last year that the FBI had an “authorized purpose” in launching the initial investigation into the Trump campaign, despite also finding “serious performance failures” that needed to be addressed.

Barr also said “that the steps taken after Trump’s election were meant ‘to sabotage the presidency,’” The Post reported.

NBC News national security contributor and former assistant FBI director Frank Figliuzzi suggested on Twitter that Barr’s comments could mean pardons are coming down the pike for Trump associates whose convictions stem from the Russia investigation.

That could include Republican political consultant Roger Stone, who was convicted last year on seven counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators, and sentenced to 40 months in prison.

Image credit: Shane T. McCoy/U.S. Marshals


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