After Outcry, Trump Admin Keeps Program That Helps Homeless Veterans

Screengrab/ The Young Turks / YouTube

The move to shift funding from the program had virtually no support outside of the administration.

Following public outcry over its plan to remove funding from a program intended to help homeless veterans, the Trump administration has reversed course and will leave the program as is.

The Department of Veterans Affairs announced late Wednesday that it would not remove about $460 million in funding from the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program. Known as HUD-VASH, it is a partnership between the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development that provides housing and counseling for chronically homeless veterans with disabilities including mental disease and addiction.

Though the VA did offer comment on why the department opted to change course, the administration released a statement via HUD saying,

... "we will not be shifting any homeless program money" and a six-month period of public input "on how best to target our funding."