After Murdering His Wife And Children, Man Says That He Has Finally Found Jesus

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Watts is wrongly aligning religion with morality.

According to The Friendly Atheist, a man who is now serving a life sentence for murdering his two daughters and pregnant wife says he has found God.

Christopher Watts, who was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences last November, has said that he is now a good Christian. Watts said he hadn’t read the Bible before going to prison, but has now read the whole thing.

Watts also said that he reads scriptures to the photographs of his dead wife and children that he keeps in his cell. He also copies passages out to his parents each day.

Although this could be part of some strategy, it is unlikely given that he is will probably never get out on parole given his three consecutive life sentences.

Yet, Watt’s statement also suggests that he brutally murdered his family because God was not in his life. This wrongly links religion and morality.

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vicci gates
vicci gates

Not morality but transmorality... or a life transformed by the power of God that defeats the old sin/flesh nature that lead to him becoming what he is. For everyone is under the influence of the sin nature that manifests itself in crimes against others to gratify the self, but the Spirit of God can deliver a person from the domination of the sin/flesh nature to be led instead by the Spirit Nature.