After Cutting Taxes For The Wealthy, The GOP Will Target Food Stamps

SNAP helps 42 million Americans attain greater food security, 44 percent of whom are children.

Following Republican Senator Marco Rubios's (FL) recent remarks about making cuts to Medicare and Social Security, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), founder of the House Freedom Caucus, is saying the House GOP will look to gut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits come the new year.

“That’s what’s coming,” Jordan said, adding that President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) support the idea. ”It’s got huge support. We just need to get it done next year.”

This is not Jordan's first at-bat when it comes to reconfiguring SNAP benefits:

He said the basic idea would be new restrictions on able-bodied adults ― even if they have children ― along the lines of a bill he introduced earlier this year. Robert Rector, a welfare expert with the conservative Heritage Foundation, said Jordan’s bill would cut SNAP spending by 20 percent over 10 years, which would amount to more than $100 billion.

SNAP assists about 42 million Americans in attaining greater food security - 44 percent of that number representing children - but Republicans have long wished to see its demise. That wish may come true, as Trump has indicated his support for limiting a program that - in his view - is rife with abuse.

“I know people, they work three jobs and they live next to somebody who doesn’t work at all,” Trump said. “And the person who’s not working at all and has no intention of working at all is making more money and doing better than the person that’s working his and her ass off.”