African-American Voters Delivered Victory For Doug Jones

Dave Wasserman is the U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan Cook report.

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Guys, I've dated women. Asian, freckle faced red haired Irish, Jewish, I never cared. They were women, and I'm straight. If I were gay surely we'd be talking men. But anyway, dated this black woman, and WOW, was she intelligent and amazing and all that. Married her. 26 years and counting. Learned SO MUCH, way beyond the things an aware white guy would already be aware of regarding ''being black'' in the USA. And I'm not ignorant by any means, but still, it runs so f*ing deep, you cannot ever dismiss the opinion of the politically and socially and generally OPPRESSED, whether that is subtle or overt, or any phase in between. Just saying. Already not a racist, though I do actively have to dismiss the occasional racist thought I've learned and ACTIVELY DISMISS every-so-often. SO MUCH MORE AWARE of the unfathomable amount of racism in so many dimensions that are just with us and even sometimes acceptable generally in society.

These beautiful, strong, moral and just, aware black people are seriously HEROES in our society, for putting up with the BULL$&IT and rising above, to taking positive action.


THANK YOU ALL ! For doing the RIGHT THING for ALL OF US no matter how much we've ALL failed you.