African-American Man Struck With Bat In Racist Attack

Screengrab/New York Daily News/YouTube

DaShawn Horne, 26, has suffered traumatic brain injury after man repeatedly struck his head with a bat.

DaShawn Horne is currently at the intensive-care unit at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington with a traumatic brain injury. The 26-year-old sustained his injuries in an unprovoked attack with an aluminum baseball bat. His friends and family have been waiting eleven days for Horne to wake up and say his prognosis is unknown.

What could have inspired such an attack? Horne, a black man, spent the night with a white woman, and the woman's brother was angry about it.

Auburn police and King County prosecutors say Horne is the victim of a brutal assault and hate crime, perpetrated by the 18-year-old brother of a young woman with whom Horne spent a night.

Julian Tuimauga, of Auburn, was charged last week with first-degree assault and malicious harassment — the state’s hate-crime statute — and remains in the King County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail, jail and court records show.

Horne and the young woman met at a club, and after hitting it off, the woman invited him back to her place. The following morning, she called a Lyft driver to pick up Horne and take him home.

It was the Lyft driver who witnessed the assault and called 911.

According to the police report, Tuimauga arrived at his sister's home carrying an aluminum baseball bat and approached the Lyft driver asking whom he was there to pick up. The driver gave Tuimauga's sister's name.

A short time later, the driver saw Horne walk along the side of the house toward the driveway and heard him argue with Tuimauga, the charges say. He “then heard a thump sound like a bat had struck something,” according to charging papers.

The driver looked back and saw Tuimauga strike Horne in the head twice with the bat and watched him fall to the ground, the charges say.

At that point, the driver heard Tuimauga say, “This is what happens when you bring black people around here,” the charges say.

After hitting Horne a few more times, Tuimauga took out his cell phone and recorded Horne's body lying on the ground, repeatedly calling him the N-word.

Tuimauga’s father and sister were inside the home and did not witness the attack, the charges say. But the sister told police her brother later broke down her bedroom door and called her a “whore,” charging papers say.

Police say Tuimauga later told detectives he was “in a rage” because he believed his sister and Horne had sex, the charges say.