Adviser To Trump: Do Not Trust Michael Cohen, He Will Turn On You


President Trump's former divorce attorney warned him that Michael Cohen could turn and cooperate with prosecutors.

The attorney who helped President Donald Trump navigate both of his divorces counseled the president on Friday against interviewing with special counsel Robert Mueller -- and Jay Goldberg also warned Trump that Michael Cohen could turn on him.

'Anybody who is facing 30 years never stands up," Goldberg says he told the President. "Without exception, a person facing a prison term cooperates."

Goldberg also added that in addition to cooperation, the person "may also wear a wire."

Goldberg was adamant that anyone facing a long prison term "will testify because they need the government's affection," he said. "That way, the government can say they have testified in a truthful manner."

He also told Trump not to speak to the special counsel. "They can jam you up even if you're telling the truth," he said he told the President.

Trump reportedly called Goldberg Friday morning and spoke with both the lawyer and his wife.

The president also spoke with Cohen on Friday.