Adam Schiff Mulls Fining Trump Officials $25k Daily For Contempt Of Congress

Screengrab / CBS This Morning / Youtube

As Trump officials fail to comply with Congress subpoenas, the House is considering imposing heavy fines.

The House of Representatives is considering fining members of the Trump administration close to $25,000 per day until they comply with subpoenas, including one that would force Attorney General Bill Barr to provide all information redacted off the Mueller report, according to news website Axios.

The House may revive its "inherent contempt" power, which would allow it to enforce subpoenas through coercive measures like fines, House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff told Axios.

"Much as I like the visual of [throwing people in jail], I think it's far more practical to consider levying individual fines on the person — not the office — until they comply. You could fine someone $25,000 a day until they comply. You can do that. We're looking through the history and studying the law to make sure we're on solid ground," said Schiff.

Congress will have to rely on extraordinary measures to make sure it remains a co-equal branch of government, said Schiff, who added that he believes Democrats will obtain president Trump's tax returns this year.

Last Wednesday, the House’s Judiciary Committee voted to hold Barr in contempt for refusing to release the full Mueller report. The contempt resolution will now proceed to the full House for a vote.

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