Activists Say Fox News Abandoned Vehicle In Protest Zone After Hitting Black Man

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Megan Everts

Activists in Seattle are saying that a Fox News vehicle was abandoned in CHOP after hitting a protester.

Seattle activists say that a Fox News team hit at least one protester with a vehicle and then abandoned it in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone, reported Raw Story.

  • One witness wrote on Twitter: “A Fox News reporter shoved a woman in CHOP. Protestors surround her to protect and demand an apology from the reporter and in response this individual laughed. They have now abandoned their vehicle.”
  • The report said that “the reporter and camera man actively drove into a black male protestor” while trying to flee the scene.
  • A protester explained: “I came in front of the car and he kept driving! He would not stop his car. This is a crosswalk. I’m pressing charges. Assault with a vehicle. That’s a deadly weapon. I’m suing Fox News. You’re going to pay this Black man.”

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