Acting Border Chief Will Step Down As Migrant Children Return to Texas Facility

John Sanders' resignation comes amid allegations that CBP is mistreating detained migrant children at the border.

Acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection agency, John Sanders, will leave his post early next month, according to The New York Times — a move that comes as public outrage over the treatment of migrant children at the border continues.

After reports of mistreatment at a Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, nearly 250 children were moved to other facilities; however, more than 100 children have been returned to Clint, where a group of lawyers said detained minors were held without access to showers, clean clothes or sufficient food for weeks.

Sanders stepped into the acting commissioner role after President Donald Trump “tapped former Customs and Border Protection commissioner, Kevin McAleenan, to replace Kirstjen Nielsen as homeland security secretary,” the Times noted. Sanders “specialized in developing technology for national security initiatives and previously served as the chief technology officer for the Transportation Security Administration.”

CBP has disputed accusations that the agency is failing to provide adequate supplies and sanitary conditions for the migrant children in its care.

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