Across The U.S., Food Trucks For Dogs Are Gaining Popularity

'Cupcakes for Natasha'Chelsea Nesvig / CC-2.0 / Flickr

Food for dogs is getting more inventive.

According to USA Today, food trucks for dogs are gaining popularity across the U.S. The trucks can be found at festivals, dog parks, and dog-friendly breweries.

In Alabama, for example, a food truck called Fetch serves doggie ice-cream and cookies.

“One of my favorite customers is a sweet little dog named Bruno,” says Fetch owner Allison Whitfield-Smith. “He is used to seeing me at the farmers market, and one day, when he thought I was supposed to be there but couldn't, his owner told me he ran over to my regular spot and just started barking.”

4 Paw Pastries makes treats for dogs in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Bow-Wow Bones is located in Austin, Texas. The Settle Bakery serves puppies in Seattle.

Dog food is apparently getting much more inventive.

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