ABC News: Ivanka Trump Had “Personal” Relationship With Author Of Steele Dossier


Former British spy Christopher Steele reportedly had a "personal" relationship with Ivanka Trump "for some years."

The report issued by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Monday regarding the Russia investigation included an interesting bit of information, the potential political implications of which have yet to be seen, according to Mediaite.

Tucked away in the pages — which overall revealed that “no political bias was at play at the origins of the investigation though he also found some wrongdoing in the FISA applications” — was the news that British spy and author of the infamous Trump dossier Christopher Steele was “favourably disposed” to the Trump family due to a friendship with one its members.

That family member was Ivanka Trump, as ABC News Foreign Affairs correspondent Julie Macfarlane has confirmed.

Steele described his relationship with Ivanka Trump as “personal,” according to the IG report, saying “he once gifted a family tartan from Scotland to the family member.”

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