A Trump Campaign Chairman And Delegate Were Convicted Of Child Sex-Trafficking

Caption: Tim Nolan (left) and Ralph Shortey (right)Screengrab / LOCAL 12 / YouTube ; Screengrab / The Oklahoman / YouTube

Artivia Tahir

Two men associated with the Trump 2016 campaign have been imprisoned for child trafficking

A claim that President Trump’s campaign chairs in Oklahoma and Kentucky were imprisoned for sex trafficking has been verified as mostly true, according to Snopes.

  • A tweet circulated in 2019 that Trump’s 2016 campaign chairs for Oklahoma and Kentucky were serving time for the sex trafficking of minors.
  • The two men in question, Ralph Shortey of Oklahoma and Tim Nolan of Kentucky, are in fact currently imprisoned for sex trafficking.
  • However, while Shortney was indeed the campaign chair for Oklahoma, Nolan was not the campaign chair for Kentucky. While the former judge and conservative activist was heavily involved in the campaign effort in Kentucky, he merely claimed himself the campaign chair for Campbell County, Kentucky, a claim that has been rebuked by local Republicans.
  • The two men are both looking at upwards of 15 years in prison for their crimes.

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