A Texas Assistant Attorney General Is Encouraging People To Shoot BLM Supporters

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Nick Moutos has encouraged people to shoot BLM protesters in tweets, calling them "terrorists."

According to Media Matters for America, Texas Assistant Attorney General Nick Moutos has used his Twitter account to spread the QAnon conspiracy theory and “tweet violent threats at people and encourage followers to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters.

  • The report states that Moutos is a lawyer who has worked as “an assistant attorney general in the criminal prosecutions division of the Texas Office of the Attorney General” since April 2017.
  • He also unsuccessfully “ran as a Republican this year in Texas’ 35th Congressional District” this year, losing in the primary.
  • Among the many bigoted tweets Moutos has issued are posts denigrating and threatening the lives of Black Lives Matter protesters, whom he has called terrorists.

When St. Louis, Missouri, couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey pointed weapons at protesters, Moutos wrote that if those protesters “came to my neighborhood” it would have been “open season on terrorists” and also said that “the prior #Deadly #Violent #Destructive act committed by #BLMTrrorists #AntifaTerrorists #Rioters #Looters is #PROVOCATION enough to warrant the ‘display of lethal force.’”

He’s also tweeted: “Why is everyone #Blond to the fact #BLM #Antifa #Soros #Globalists #Technocrats #Democrats have fired actual #Shots & initiated #CivilWar2!? #FightBackForAmerica Now! #2A #MolonLabe #AimCenterMass #NoWarningShots.’”

  • Moutos also has used his account to complain “that places are “overrun” with Muslims, said that Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) should be sent to Guantanamo, and promoted bigotry against LGBTQ people.”
  • Regarding his QAnon Twitter activity, MMFA reported,

In response to Twitter’s announcement that it would take action against the spread of QAnon on the platform, Moutos tweeted, “#Q must be getting close to #OutingYou as a #Pedophile or #ChildTrafficker or perhaps involved with #PizzaGate.” He has also retweeted content explicitly supporting QAnon, including a video of another congressional candidate taking an oath supporting QAnon.

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