A Solution to the Immigration Problem.

Two possible ideas to solve immigration/refugee and many other problems in creative and productive ways

As an example of a real solution to the immigration/refugee problem, is that we could build sanctuary cities along borders and those cities could be managed by people from the U N. If suffering people have a place to go where it is safe and accommodating, then there is no need to stay under the control of dictators. That way, if a dictator wanted people to stay, they would have to treat them better. Put dictators out of business. Any negotiations with Kim Jong Un should include giving all of his people visas to go where they please.

We could also coordinate people's migration with all of the other nations and allow people to move freely among nations, to live in places that best suit them. This would be moving towards all of us being internationalists and reduce the need for war. It would also move us towards putting an end to dictators, as people of the world do not need to tolerate dictatorships. That would put all nations on an even footing and then maintaining large militaries, other than the U N forces, would be unnecessary.

(Heckler in the Real Grassroots (UNPAID) Crowd)