A ‘Seismic Change’ Among Democratic Hold-Outs Moves Party Closer To Impeachment

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Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been ultra-cautious surrounding impeachment, is softening toward the idea.

President Donald Trump’s alleged quid pro quo with his counterpart in Ukraine might prove the breaking point for House Democrats still approaching impeachment with caution, according to Politico.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent the weekend and Monday calling party leaders, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, to gauge where the caucus now stands on the issue, the news outlet reported.

Pelosi is expected to issue a statement on impeachment Tuesday afternoon following a meeting the six committee chairmen, where the group will discuss the party’s next moves.

A dozen new lawmakers have voiced support for an impeachment inquiry after Trump appeared to admit tying Ukraine’s military aid to its investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son during a phone call with Ukraine’s president in July.

Trump has insisted he did nothing wrong during the phone call, hinting that he could release a transcript to prove it.

No one knows for sure what the phone call included, as acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maquire has blocked the whistleblower complaint from reaching Congress.

Over the weekend, Pelosi wrote a letter to lawmakers saying Trump would enter “a grave new chapter of lawlessness” if he successfully blocked Congress from learning the details of his July phone call.

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