A Revealing Quote In New Pence Biography Says Everything About His Character

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr


Mike Pence said it is "always easier said than done" to find one's conscience.

Tom LoBianco’s new biography of the vice president, “Piety and Power,” includes a telling exchange between Mike Pence and an evangelical pastor — one in which Pence’s character is on full display.

In 1991, the biography notes, Pence had penned an essay after losing his first congressional race in which he wrote that “negative campaigning is wrong,” adding that any campaign “ought to demonstrate the basic human decency of the candidate.”

The campaign should be about loftier goals than simply “winning,” he said at the time.

But by 2016, Pence apparently abandoned those high ideals and hitched his name and character to then-candidate Donald Trump — a man “who revels in negative campaigning, makes winning his all-consuming aspiration and has rarely been accused of an excess of human decency.”

Via The New York Times:

When an evangelical pastor who once prayed with Pence in his congressional office ran into him at a ceremony last year, he told him: “You know, Mr. Vice President, more than anything, we need you to find your conscience, the country desperately needs you to find your conscience.”

“It’s always easier said than done,” Pence replied cryptically, and then walked away.

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