A Global Survey Asked People Which Country Was The Biggest Threat To World Peace

(Map courtesy of Joe Hammer)

The majority of respondents chose the United States as the most significant threat to world peace.

Which country is the greatest threat to world peace?

The map shows the results of a 2013 (pre-Trump) WIN/Gallup International survey asking people which country they felt was the greatest threat to world peace.

According to the survey results:

TheUSwas the overwhelming choice (24% of respondents) for the country that represents the greatest threat to peace in the world today. This was followed by Pakistan (8%), China (6%), North Korea, Israel and Iran (5%). Respondents in Russia (54%), China (49%) and Bosnia (49%) were the most fearful of the US as a threat.

(Map courtesy ofJoe Hammer)

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Ali muhammad lashari
Ali muhammad lashari

What about India,which since its inception has forcibly occupied many parts of subcontinent including Hyderabad Daccan, junagardh sikun and jamu&Kashmir. It also disintegrated EAST Pakistan from Pakistan in a war. It is not willing to accept the agreed UN resolution in state of Jamu&Kashmir and has killed thousands of innocent kashmirees. Why the world leaders have forgotten that portion of the history. Today it's engaged in conspiracies against Pakistan while sitting in the lap of USA in Afghanistan is trying to destabilize my country Pakistan. Arrest of kalbhution jhadev is the question mark,world has to get answer from Indian leadership sooner or later.


Without an iota of doubt it is the mother of terrorism, porkistan. They have forcibly occupied portion of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Now sold part of that to cheen through cpack who is gonna beat them black and blue and then these beggars would turn to their father in order to save their forked face!