A Federal Probe Found 'Rampant' Sexual Harassment At Firm Led By Trump Nominee

Screengrab / SenatorWicker / YouTube

Barry Myers, who led AccuWeather, has now been nominated by Trump to lead the NOAA.

According to The Hill, a federal investigation has revealed that AccuWeather had a culture of “rampant sexual harassment and retaliation” while run by one of Trump’s nominees, Barry Myers. Myers has since been nominated by Trump to be the leader of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He had not yet been approved by a Senate vote.

The 2017 report reveals that there were dozens of accounts of nonconsensual touching and groping. There were also accounts of retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment.

“Over two dozen witnesses spanning many different departments and in positions ranging from administrative support to senior management described unlawful sexual harassment that occurred at the company,” the report said.

The report also revealed that many females left the company because of the “severe and pervasive” culture of harassment.

Director of marketing communications Rhonda Seaton said the company “continues to deny the allegations and claims” in the report.

The report said that several female employees reported being physically assaulted by a “high-profile male employee” at AccuWeather. Human resource officials took no action and declined to investigate the allegations. The vice president of human resources said they had “no knowledge” of the allegations.

Investigations found that employees were sometimes “subjected to retaliation based on their complaints.” One woman was fired after alleging inappropriate relations between senior-level men and their subordinates in the company.

“Multiple witnesses described being fearful that they would be terminated and blacklisted if they complained about sexual harassment,” the report said.

Myers left the company in January. He was nominated to lead the NOAA in October 2017. Critics have argued that Myers is unfit to lead the NOAA due to his lobbying conflicts of interest and his non-existent scientific background.

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