A Deceased Brothel Owner Accused Of Sexual Assault Is Likely To Win His Election

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Despite his unexpected death on Tuesday, Republican Dennis Hof is likely to win his election on November 6.

Nevada Republican and brothel owner Dennis Hof remains poised to win a seat in the Nevada state Legislature come November, despite being found dead at his Love Ranch on Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

> Hof, who starred in the HBO reality series “Cathouse,” marketed himself as a Donald Trump-style Republican in his race for a heavily GOP Assembly district that includes wide stretches of desert where nuclear bombs were once tested.


> His body was found at his Love Ranch brothel outside Las Vegas following a weekend of parties celebrating his 72nd birthday. Guests included porn actor Ron Jeremy, “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss, former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and a mix of local politicians and friends.


> No foul play is suspected, and it could be six weeks before a cause of death is determined, authorities said.

However, it’s too late to change the ballots, as they were already printed and mailed to voters, so Hoff’s name will remain an option — and there is a good chance he will win, despite elections officials’ intention to place notices of his death at polling places.

> “Just when I thought that there was nothing else in this race that could possibly shock me, here we are,” Hof’s campaign consultant, Chuck Muth, said Wednesday.



> “It’s too bad that he didn’t get to see this through,” Fleiss told reporters Tuesday. “He saw it as going all the way to governor one day.”

If Hof wins the election in November, county officials will nominate another Republican to replace him, the AP reported.

Despite owning strip clubs and brothels and facing accusations of sexual assault, Hof maintained the support of evangelical Christians throughout his campaign.

Reuters reported in June that local evangelicals were willing to look past the unbiblical elements of Hof’s life choices if it meant electing a Trump-like candidate.

> When news broke that Hof had won the nominating contest for a state Assembly seat on June 12, evangelical pastor Victor Fuentes said he closed his eyes and prayed.


> He did not ask God to deliver Nevada and the Republican Party from Hof, the thrice-divorced author of "The Art of the Pimp" who campaigned as the "Trump of Pahrump." Although Christian groups have long rallied against the state's legal brothel industry, Fuentes was willing to overlook Hof's history as a champion of the flesh trade and gave thanks for his victory.


> "People want to know how an evangelical can support a self-proclaimed pimp," Fuentes said in an interview at his home in Pahrump, an unincorporated town of 36,000 people that is the largest community in the sprawling, rural district where Hof is favored to win in November's general election.

The answer, he said, has to do with the alternative options:

> "We have politicians, they might speak good words, not sleep with prostitutes, be a good neighbor. But by their decisions, they have evil in their heart. Dennis Hof is not like that."


> The pastor said he felt Hof would protect religious rights, among other things.

With Hof’s unexpected death, it remains unclear who might be nominated to serve in his place should he win on November 6.


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