A Convicted Pedophile Paid Trump $189K To Appear In Photo With Him

George Nader served time in a Prague prison on charges related to sexual abuse of a minor.

According to Quartz, convicted pedophile George Nader paid $189K for a photograph with President Trump.

Nader, who was closely associated with Saudi Arabia’s crown princes and the UAE, teamed up with Elliott Broidy, then the deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, now a convicted felon. Together they lobbied the Trump administration against Qatar. The administration had banned Nader from meeting Trump for an unknown reason, so Nader’s request to be photographed with Trump was a large one.

Nader, who spent a year in Czech prison in 2003 for sexually abusing children, was told by Broidy that if he gave a donation of $100,000 to $250,000 to the RNC, he would be able to get the photograph. Broidy was right- a picture of Nader and Trump was taken.

Broidy made three donations to the RNC on November 30 which totaled $189,000. This was unusual for Broidy, as it was more than he’d donated in over twenty years of fundraising. Earlier that year, Broidy sent Nader an invoice totaling $2.5 million for “consulting, marketing, and other advisory services.”

Nader has since been cooperating with Mueller’s probe into foreign influence over Trump’s campaign. New questions are beginning to emerge about whether powers in the Middle East influenced the election.

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