A Christian Band Co-Opted Site of George Floyd’s Murder To Win Converts

Screengrab / @emmalouiseri / Twitter

Sarah Shaiman

The church associated with the act has a history of supporting the president and being anti-LGBTQ+.

An evangelical Christian band co-opted the street of George Floyd’s murder, and now memorial, to sing Christian folk music and win converts on Saturday, according to Tweets detailing the encounter.

While Floyd was a Christian, it is unclear that this streetwide missionizing effort is what his family would have wanted or hoped for in light of his horrific death. Bethel Church’s band, Bethel Music, performed for a small crowd beside the massive George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis.

One tweet indicated the church ardently supports President Trump, and as an extension his anti-Black policies. The church is reportedly openly against the LGBTQ+ community.

The Bethel Music frontman, Sean Feucht, lost a Republican primary this year in hopes of challenging Democratic Rep. John Garamendi.

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