A Career Changers Paradise Versus The Recession of 2008

Craig Middleton

Since 2008, one concern of Americans is about how to make ends meet. Here are ways Americans have adapted the job search

Forget about all the politics and the campaign debates of 2019. The number one concern of every red-blooded American is about being able to make ends meet. This economy is going like a freight train rolling down the tracks and is job hunter heaven. This is the time when every head of human resources has to compete for talent. They know what a great economy means that there will be massive turnover if their company is not a happy place to work. Employees wages have been stagnating for almost a decade from the 2008 financial crisis. Who has the most to gain from our new found feeling of an economy that is flushed with jobs? The career changer who has been sending out resumes and is now starting to see a return. Even if I had to be more specific the people who had already registered with job sites like Indeed.com, Careerbuilder.com. are receiving job alerts in their email daily. There are so many job alerts for job seekers that sometimes the alerts have to be set to snooze.

This is music to the American workers' ears. Some workers who have been tied to jobs that they could not leave for strictly financial reasons. While working for a boss, manager or company that he or she hated can now ghost their former employers in the blink of an eye. There were job fairs before the economy was transformed into what it has become now. There are jobs available in all fields such as medical, technology, sales, transportation, home-based jobs, and even legal services. In addition to this, there is also an abundance of certifications that you can get online to beef up your resume. There are medical coding certifications online as well as the paralegal certificate online that you can earn to help expedite your career change. A true job hunter must always be willing to strike while the iron is hot. This means there can not be procrastination in this job market. Unless of course, you are satisfied with your current job, but as an American, we have an inborn desire for the American dream.

Prior to this time of resurgent economic growth, there was super bleak forecast for the U.S. economy coming off that horrible year of 2008. It looked as though layoffs and business closures were never going to end. Unemployed adults were pancaking on top of the usual teen job market in fast food. How would the economy ever recover after all the big banks received bailouts, but the average American was barely making it? It was indeed a struggle and a time when adult children moved back in with parents due to job loss or foreclosure.

The will to survive runs through most Americans' veins and it was the resiliency of the citizens that helped bring the country back from the brink. We had to take it one day at a time and first, we crawled then we walked back to a sense of normalcy. Then once the pain was over people began to refocus their lives and work balance like never before. People were over the McMansions that had been a part of the excess and the collapse of so many. This gave rise to tiny houses and the digital nomads.

A digital nomad is a person who chooses to work remotely from anywhere that there is an internet or wifi connection. They are usually seeking a better work-life balance. One example of a digital nomads are through freelance writing jobs online. They can actually make money from certain jobs. Some jobs can be a side gig and some can be full time just like if you were in an office doing an eight hour day. Except for the fact you get to work in your pajamas, but be aware don't just rest on your laurels, you have to be self-disciplined to be a digital nomad.


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