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More than 90 percent of inmates tested for COVID-19 this week turned out to be infected at a prison in Westville, IN, reports The Hill.

The District 1 Hospital Emergency Planning Committee disclosed the information about inmates in Westville Correctional Facility, among whom 92 percent of the 137 tested positive.

The facility has a population of 3,200 inmates and 238 confirmed COVID-19 cases in total.

A number of state corrections departments across the nation have made efforts to prevent the viral spread, including suspending in-person visits and releasing low-level offenders.

Attorney General William Barr ordered facilities in several states, such as Louisiana and Ohio, to release some offenders. In Ohio, the Marion Correctional Institution reported 1,828 positive cases of COVID-19 among the inmates last week.

The Associated Press reported that an official at the Justice Department said earlier this month that the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General will carry out inspections to evaluate federal Bureau of Prisons facilities in their efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

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