9/11 Responders Fear Mitch McConnell Will Block Their Benefits Renewal

Screengrab/Global News/YouTube

9/11 responders are attempting to secure funding from Congress for a renewal of their healthcare benefits.

John Feal and Brian McGuire, two representatives of a group of 9/11 first responders who are lobbying the federal government for renewal of their healthcare benefits, called out Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for not renewing the benefits, according to Newsweek.

Feal and McGuire said during a CNN interview, “We’re not going to take your crap this time.”

Former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, also attacked lawmakers for not taking the issue seriously during a congressional hearing on Wednesday. The first responder’s healthcare fund must be renewed every year. The fund, which was allocated $7.4 billion in 2015 for the next five years, is already mostly spent.

An effort to permanently extend the fund has been headed by Democratic lawmakers. McConnell claimed he was unaware that the fund was running out of money.

McGuire also said that he and other first responders in Washington were "fighting for those who can't be here, to voice their own help in their cause because they are too sick and they are dying."

Stewart said during the hearing that he was tired of hearing the 9/11 attack referred to as a "New York issue."

"Al-Qaeda didn't shout death to Tribeca. They attacked America and these men and women and their response to it is what brought our country back," he said.

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