80% Of Republicans Want The Mueller Report Released

Screengrab/CBS Evening News/YouTube

Americans appear to agree that Mueller's report should be made public, including 80 percent of Republicans.

The vast majority of Americans want Attorney General William Barr to release special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to the public, according to a recent CNN/SSRS poll conducted this week — and that includes 80 percent of Republicans.

Barr made public the letter he provided Congress on Sunday, offering a four-page summary of Mueller’s findings that indicated the special counsel was unable to establish a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign but also did not exonerate the president; however, that is not enough to satisfy the American people.

Eighty-seven percent of Americans said regardless of what the Russia probe found, the report should be made public, CNN said. The breakdown along party lines was as follows: 95 percent of Democrats, 88 percent of independents and 80 percent of Republicans want the full report released to the public.

CNN noted that a Fox News poll conducted prior to Mueller turning over his report last week garnered similar results, with 80 percent of voters saying they believe it should made public.

Both polls also revealed that Americans are largely in agreement on the manner in which Mueller conducted his investigation, finding that most approve of his work.

Further, Mueller appears to have won the trust of the American people over their trust of President Donald Trump: “45% said they trusted Mueller to tell the truth on the Russia investigation versus the 29% who trusted Trump,” CNN said the Fox News poll found.

And regardless of what the Mueller report might reveal about Trump, about 4 in 10 Americans said it would not change their level of support for the president.

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