70% Of Americans, Including A Majority Of Republicans, Support Medicare For All

Molly Adams/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

A majority of Americans supports Medicare for all, including 52 percent of Republicans and 85 percent of Democrats.

A new Reuters-Ipsos poll found that a full 70 percent of Americans support the idea of a single-payer healthcare system — including a majority of Republicans.

According to The Hill, the survey found that 85 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of Republicans are in favor of a “Medicare for all” policy.

> Medicare for all has been in the headlines after a study by the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center at George Mason University found it would lead to $32.6 trillion increase in federal spending over a 10-year period.


> The study’s author, Charles Blahous, wrote in The Wall Street Journalearlier this month that even doubling taxes would not cover the bill for a single-payer health-care system.

However, those who support the policy — including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I), who has introduced Medicare for all legislation — note that the study also found that healthcare costs would go down by $2 trillion under the plan.

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