69 Million Americans Voted For Senators Who Supported Trump’s Impeachment


Of all the votes cast for sitting senators, about 54.8 percent supported the impeachment and removal of Trump.

More voters backed members of the House and Senate that supported impeachment, a Washington Post analysis found, following the acquittal of President Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial.

The charges against Trump must be so firmly proved, Trump attorney Robert Ray said last month, that “the 63 million people like me who voted for President Trump accept his guilt of the offense charged” -- enough to “overwhelmingly persuade a supermajority of Americans and thus their senators of malfeasance warranting his removal from office.”

Trump’s legal team argued that for the Senate to vote and convict Trump on the charges presented by the House would be an undoing of the election that brought Trump into office. 

The final Senate vote on the first article of impeachment was 52-48, acquitting Trump. The 48 votes came from senators who were supported by nearly 69 million Americans, or about 54.8 percent of all of the votes cast for sitting senators, and about 12 million more votes than were received by senators who opposed his removal. 

To some extent, the impeachment fight was a proxy for the population, yet it offered a wide gap in the number of Americans represented by members of the House and Senate who supported impeachment and removal from office. 

Members of the House who supported impeachment on the Article I represent about 24 million more Americans than those who opposed it. The gap was about 15 million Americans in the Senate. 

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