60-Americans Applied For Work At Mar-A-Lago. Trump Hired Only One Of Them.

Trump claims that Mar-A-Lago has trouble attracting American workers when in actuality, Trump prefers hiring foreigners.

President Trump has insisted for years that it is not possible to find Americans who will fill seasonal jobs at his properties, therefore he has no choice but to hire foreign guest workers. “You can’t get help,” he said.

Yet, according to government records obtained by BuzzFeed, at least 58 U.S. workers applied for temporary jobs a Mar-a-Lago and other Trump resorts from early 2014 to mid 2018. Only one of those applicants was hired.

Trump chose to bring in over 375 low-wage workers from abroad on short-term visas.

Trump has repeatedly insisted that he is a defender of American jobs. More, he has threatened to close the U.S.-Mexico border and has enacted tariffs against China to prove his point. At the same time, he continued to staff his resorts with foreign employees. Over 600 employees have been hired through the guest worker program, or the H-2 visa, since Trump began his presidential campaign.

Trump properties insisted that U.S. applicants were “not interested” or didn’t “meet the minimum experience requirement” or didn’t return phone calls from the company.

Employers reportedly prefer to hire foreign workers because they are thought to be more compliant and can be housed on the job site, unlike American workers who commute to their jobs.

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