6 Summer Success Strategies for Your Business

Kevin Gardner

The following six strategies will help you make your sales sizzle during the summer months.

As a business owner, you want your brand to be successful year-round. However, that doesn’t mean that you should try the same strategies every season. Some techniques work better in the summer than they do in the winter. The following six strategies will help you make your sales sizzle during the summer months.

1) Start Some Seasonal Marketing

Run a summer promotional campaign that gets people excited about visiting your business. The specifics of this will depend on your products and services. However, it could be as simple as offering a special sale around key summer holidays such as Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day.

Alternatively, you could find the products in your catalog that best fit the summer months. You could then offer special discounts on those items all summer long. Consider providing tiered discounts. In other words, people get a better deal when they buy multiple items.

2) Host an Event

The summer months are a social time for most people. Consider hosting an event that could get people physically in your business. This could be hosting an outdoor show or concert. It could also be having a happy hour (provided that local laws allow it) to help people unwind on a Friday afternoon.

Event marketing can be very powerful. It doesn’t only apply to visiting conferences and other industry events. It can also be hosting some summer fun at your place of business. Think about what events will get people in the doors during the warm weather.

3) Update Your Exterior

Invest some time in making sure your business exterior is in tip-top shape. If you live in a warm climate, getting some people to take care of the landscaping is especially important. For example, lawn care Las Vegas businesses need to have a service provider come by consistently throughout the summer.

Consider also making some changes. For example, if you own a restaurant, try setting up an outdoor dining space. If you have a business that sells summer-related goods, try setting up some outdoor product displays.

4) Invest in Your People

The people on your team are what makes the wheels turn at your business. So, don’t forget to invest in their happiness and well-being. Summertime could be a great chance to do some extra training.

Summer is also a great chance to work on your team culture. For example, you could host a team event such as a picnic or pool party. Your team members work hard all year for your business. Don’t forget to use some of the summer to give back to them for their efforts. Happy team members make a business more successful.

5) Give Back

You could run a summer of giving campaign. For example, you may give a portion of each sale to a local charity. This can work even better if the charity is summer-related such as a conservation effort. Giving back during the summer months is a nice way to get your business more involved with the community around you. Additionally, it helps bring the summer’s positive vibes to your brand.

Another great idea is to volunteer with your team members. This can be a nice way to build bonds while also doing some good.

6) Get Social

Social media is an important communication tool for any brand. During the summer, it is especially important because people are more engaged with their communities and interested in events and activities. Getting more active one social media can give you an opportunity to engage with customers on a two-way basis.

This can help you promote any events or sales promotions you may be offering during the summer. Plus, it is a relatively accessible marketing channel.

Get Started

Try some of the above strategies to make your brand sizzle this summer. Additionally, you can find many other techniques that work during other seasons. When you customize your strategy to the season, you will see better results.


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